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  • Weekend Scripter: Start PowerShell Scripting for Office 365 Sites

    Summary : Guest blogger, Michael Blumenthal shows how to findWindows PowerShell cmdlets that are available for Office 365 sites . Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. Today we have a new guest blogger, Michael Blumenthal, who we met in Chicago Read More...
    Posted to Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog on 06-21-2015
    Filed under: Scripting Guy!, Windows PowerShell, Weekend Scripter, guest blogger, Office 365, Office 365 Sites, SharePoint Online, Michael Blumenthal
  • Delete a User's OneDrive through PS?

    Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to delete a user's OneDrive through PowerShell? I have heard that it should be possible to do it in the interface by using /_layouts/15/deleteweb.aspx Does anyone know anything about this?
    Posted to PowerShell for SharePoint by Mr.C on 02-03-2015
  • How to enter password in the Sharepoint Login Popup

    Hi, I am trying to automate the login for SharePoint currently. This is my code - $pwd = Read-Host 'Enter password' -AsSecureString #gets password from user Start-Sleep -Milliseconds 1000 $ie = New-Object -ComObject InternetExplorer.Application $ie.Navigate2("URL") $ie.Visible = $true...
    Posted to PowerShell for SharePoint by abithugandhi on 02-18-2014
  • Mandatory entry

    Hello scripters! Question, how do I make the $user request mandatory? Then the $web mandatory? This is what I have but.....nothing Function Get-SPUser { [CmdletBinding()] PARAM ( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$user ) $user } $user = Read-Host 'Please provide the OLD username' $web = Read...
    Posted to PowerShell for SharePoint by rojas1mg on 10-18-2013
  • Download files from a Sharepoint Online Document Library

    Hi I need to write a powershell script that will download the contents of a SharePoint document Library to a local folder I have pieced together the following script which created the filenames on my local drive but all with 0 bytes The error I get is "Method invocation failed because [Microsoft...
    Posted to PowerShell for SharePoint by Maxui on 09-17-2013
  • Microsoft’s CloudPro Twitter Hour

    As I posted last week , on Friday, Microsoft has an hour long twitter conversation around the cloud. The basic idea was that Microsoft and a few MVPs (I was one) would hang out on Twitter, and answer questions around the cloud and the cloud technologies Read More...
    Posted to Under The Stairs on 04-17-2011
    Filed under: Twitter, Cloud Computing, #CloudPro, Cloud, SharePoint Online, Office 365, Exchange Online, Lync Online, CloudPro, SharepointOnline Office 365
  • Getting Started with Office 365

    It’s been an interesting week. After months of waiting, I managed to finally get myself onto the beta of Office 365. Office 365 is Microsoft’s latest software as a service offering, which is currently in beta. It consists of Office, Lync, Exchange and Read More...
    Posted to Under The Stairs on 04-16-2011
    Filed under: PowerShell, SharePoint Online, SharePoint Online., Office 365, Exchange Online, Lync Online
  • SharePoint Online Now Supports Up to 30000 Users, Bulk Activation

    CMSWire Now, you can add many at once using PowerShell commandlets including: Enable-MSOnlineUser, et-MSOnlineSubscription and Set-MSOnlineUserPassword. ... Read More
    Posted to Sharepoint by ps2 on 10-31-2009
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