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Passing arguments into FTP script via Powershell?

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lmjones1uk posted on 11-25-2009 3:26 AM



I’m having a few difficulties trying to pass arguments into a ftp script via Powershell and I hope some of you guys may be able to help me out.


From a powershell script I’m invoking an FTP script with the following command:


    ftp '-s:FTP.txt'


The FTP script is below and works fine if I call it from DOS.


    open <IP ADDRESS HERE>





    put %3



(%1 = username, %2 = password, %3 = file)


I know how to pass arguments to a normal .bat file but because of the way powershell calls an FTP script it wont work L Now I’ve looked high and low for a solution and I don’t want to do anything querky such as create the FTP script and run within the script inclusive of the parameters.


Any help would be much appreciated!


Kind regards,


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